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Here in the Pantry you'll find the BEST drieds, bowlfillers, garlands, colonial sugar cones and more......each made fresh in my Homestead the Olde fashioned way.

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Beeswax Black Walnuts Bowlfillers-black walnuts, beeswax, solid beeswax, aged, primitive, bowlfillers, primitive bowlfillers, beeswax bowlfillers, kitchen, pantry
Beeswax Black Walnuts Bowlfillers
I just LOVE these *New* Bowlfillers!!!! Perfect for piling in an olde dough bowl or filling your apothecary jars with. Each black walnut is handmade using 100% SOLID Beeswax that has been Highly scented in my *1800 House* Blackened Beeswax.....MMMMM! They smell amazing!!! Pop a few at a time into your Tart warmers and your house will smell Wonderful!! You'll receive a half dozen melts/bowlfillers per order.
$9.95 per half dozen
100% Beeswax Crab Apples-beeswax, apple, fruit, beeswax fruit, beeswax apple, bowlfillers, tarts, melts, primitive, grungy, primitive bowlfiller
100% Beeswax Crab Apples
O.K. So I absolutely LOVE these Lil Dirty Apples!! These are not dipped in wax...they are SOLID Beeswax  Crab Apples. Made from Super spicey beeswax then given a real "stem". These are perfect for piling high in olde dough bowls or wooden buckets as shown here. They are sold seperately and come in either Drab Brown or Olde Red Beeswax which has been Highly scented in my handmixed "New England Apple Pie" Scent.
$5.95 each
*Made Fresh to Order*
Please choose apple color:
Crimped Edge Pantry Cake-pantry cake, petite pantry cake, primitive, primitive decor, kitchen, pantry, primitive pantry cake, primitive pantry cakes, primitive mini cakes, faux pantry cake
Crimped Edge Pantry Cake
I am always trying to offer *New* and *Unique* items!! When I found this vintage mold I thought what a Wonderful Pantry Cake it would make!! you have it!  A large pantry cake with crimped edges and a neat design on the top! Made from my super, spicey dough you can display these for YEARS and  YEARS!! It is 8" long x 5" wide and is over 3" thick! Perfect for displaying on an olde breadboard as shown here.  They are each sold seperately.
$16.95 each
*Made Fresh to Order*
Crimped Edge Pantry Cake pic 2-pantry cake, petite pantry cake, primitive, primitive decor, kitchen, pantry, primitive pantry cake, primitive pantry cakes, primitive mini cakes, faux pantry cake
Crimped Edge Pantry Cake pic 2
LOVE this wonderfully unique  *New* Cake!!
Solid Beeswax Pears-beeswax, primitive, beeswax fruit, primitive fruit, pantry, kitchen, bowlfiller, primitive beeswax fruit, primitive beeswax pear, solid beeswax fruit
Solid Beeswax Pears
Wow....these are Fantastic Bowlfillers!! Life size SOLID Beeswax Pears...they smell soooo good!! Perfect for displaying in olde wooden bowls or carriers....they can also be sliced and used in your tart warmers. Each is sold seperately and they measure 4" tall x 3 1/4" wide.
$6.95 each
Faux Pantry Cake-pantry cake, primitive, primitive cake, faux pantry cake, faux primitive cake, needfuls, primitive pantry cake, kitchen, pantry, grungy, dirty, spicey
Faux Pantry Cake
I LOVE to display faux foods in the Kitchen, Pantry and Dining Room. I've used an olde mold and spice filled dough for this Faux Medium sized plum pudding/pantry cake. It's finished off with Freshly ground spices for an olde "been around" look. Perfect to display on an olde breadboard or tuck in a cupboard.
$15.95 each
Dark Brown *Molasses* Sugar Cones-pantry, needfuls, country, primitive, colonial, sugar cones, molasses sugar cone, buttery, colonial sugar cones
Dark Brown *Molasses* Sugar Cones
Colonial Sugar Cones are theee perfect addition to your Pantry, Kitchen or Keeping Room. I've Handmade these Wonderful Dark Brown *Molasses* Sugar Cones one at a time in my Country Kitchen. Each has been adorned with Aged Cheesecloth then rubbed with Freshly Ground Spices....Perfect for tucking in a cupboard or buttery! There are 2 sizes available....The Large Sugar Cone is 5" high x 3" diameter and the Small Sugar Cone is 4" high x 2" diameter. Please specify size when ordering.
Large Sugar Cone is $9.95
Small Sugar Cone is $5.95
*Made Fresh to Order*
Please choose size:
Clove Studded Make-Do Pomanders-pomanders, orange, bowlfillers, primitive, primitive bowlfillers, pantry, kitchen, handmade wares, prim bowlfillers
Clove Studded Make-Do Pomanders
I LOVE these Make-Do Clove Studded Oranges/Pomanders....they are Theee perfect addition to your Kitchen and Pantry! I've used a mold that was made from a real Life size orange....the detail is awesome!!! Handpoured one at a time, I've highly scented these in *Orange Pomander* Scent then studded them with Whole Cloves......finished off with a dusting of Freshly Ground Spices, these are perfect under a shoo fly screen, in apothecary jars, olde wooden bowls, pantries, and the list goes on!  The best part about these Faux Beeswax Pomanders is they will last FOREVER!!!
Eacg sold seperately.
$6.95 each
**Made Fresh to Order**
Clove Studded Make-Do Pomanders Pic 2-bowlfiller, pomanders, make do, primitive, prim, handmade, primitives, prim bowlfiller
Clove Studded Make-Do Pomanders Pic 2

Early Buttr'y Beeswax Bowlfillers-bowlfillers, melts, beeswax, pantry, needfuls, handmade, buttery, primitive bowlfiller
Early Buttr'y Beeswax Bowlfillers
These Beeswax Bars smell AMAZING!!! Highly scented in my Handmixed *Early Buttr'y* Scent they are a wonderful addition to your Kitchen or Pantry. I've given them a dark molasses color then wrapped them with old looking newsprint paper and grungy twine. Each bar is sold seperately. Each bar measures 4" long x 2" wide x 1 1/2" thick.
$6.95 each

*Made Fresh To Order*
Beeswax Bowlfillers-beeswax bars, beeswax, melts, bowlfillers, gift idea, tart melt, 100% beeswax, black beeswax, primitive bar, primitive bowlfiller
Beeswax Bowlfillers
These Beeswax Bowlfillers are one of my Top Selling Items!!! Perfect for piling in bowls or apothecary jars, these smell AWESOME whether on display or used in your tart warmers. These Thick bars are highly scented in my "1800 House" Handmixed scent which includes Cinnamon, Whole Cloves, Nutmeg and more! Finished off with Aged cheesecloth, dirty ole twine and freshly ground spices......MMMMM!! The scent is AMAZING!!! They are sold seperately. Each bar is 4" long x 2" wide x 1 1/2" thick.
$6.95 each
*Made Fresh To  Order*
Mini Plum Puddings-mini plum  puddings, pantry, pantry items, primitive, handmade pantry items
Mini Plum Puddings
Here's a smaller version of my BIG Plum Pudding. These were also made by me using Vintage Tins. Perfect for piling in Dough Bowls and Trenchers. Each measures approximately 3 1/2" in diameter and is chuck full of spices and raisens. They smell amazing!!!
$5.95 each
*Made Fresh To Order*

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